Thursday, May 21, 2015

Day Four

It's Alex, checking in again! 

Day four was not as active as day three (find that tornadic supercell recap here) but it was nowhere near disappointing. We set ourselves up well the night before by settling down in Fort Stockton and did not have to rush to catch anything. The storms came to us! We hung around Fort Stockton till around 12:30pm watching storms around us attempting to break the cap(hinders storm formation). Then finally, our first cell formed just north of the town we were in. Because we were so close, we were able to get into position quickly. We watched this cell for about 30 minutes. I was even able to get a stream running from Periscope since we actually had cell service. The storm had periods of good inflow but this was soon cut off by other cells that formed nearby. When the storm was healthy, I was able to snap a few photos of the structure that we were able to see.

After the death of our main storm, we decided to go check out another one that was forming just east of Fort Stockton. Once we got to the back edge of the storm, we realized that not much was going to come of this cell. Since we knew this would be the last storm for the day, we decided to drive further into it and see if we could catch a glimpse of the hail while parked. Radar had indicated quarter sized hail, which we knew the StormCruzzer could handle.( *note* do not do this with your car, it will get messed up) We were personally interested to see if we could verify the hail size and report it to the local NWS station. We were able to retrieve a few pieces of hail as the storm passed over us. Most of the hail was indeed .25 inches in diameter. However, We did retrieve some pieces that were about an inch in diameter.

Overall I would call this a successful chase day! We will likely be leaving Fort Stockton today and heading north to set up for the next system!

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