Monday, May 18, 2015

StormCruzzer Chase Day 1

We departed Blacksburg Sunday at 11am with a goal of making it to western Missouri. We ended up pushing all the way to Tulsa, Oklahoma...totaling 1102 miles for the day.  Part of our decision to take the northern route revolved around the opinion that it's a more scenic route (most notably crossing the Mississippi River in St Louis.  Below are some pictures from our day. 
St. Louis Arch

Since we didn't pull into our hotel in Tulsa until 4am local time, we made a decision to grab a few more hours of sleep this morning and not depart until 10.  We would have needed to leave around 7am if we wanted to get to western Texas in time for storm initiation.  Since our Tuesday target is western Texas anyways, any storm we happen to catch this evening will just be an added bonus.  Our first full throttle chase day will be tomorrow.

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